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Asylum Seeker and Refugee Health Hub

About the Hub

The Asylum Seeker & Refugee Health Hub (The Hub) was established in 2016 to provide comprehensive primary health care and specialist mental health services to people seeking asylum who are Medicare-ineligible or who have Medicare but no income.

The Hub primary health care clinic is nurse-led, works in partnership with other asylum seeker agencies, and coordinates care and referrals to community health and specialist services (e.g. dental, optometry, allied health, infectious diseases & paediatrics).

We work within a holistic care model to provide specialist mental health care to our clients with mental health needs through pro bono psychiatry, a mental health social worker and psychologists in our integrated specialist mental health service.  

The Hub relies on a mix of employed and pro bono staff to provide quality primary and specialist mental health care.

General Enquiries Ph: (03) 9508 7000 
F: (03) 9508 7001
Operating Hours Monday - Friday 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
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Cabrini Asylum Seeker & Refugee Health Hub
140 Westbourne Grove, Northcote, 3070
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The Hub welcomes people seeking asylum who do not have a Medicare Card or who have a Medicare Card but receive no income.


All services provided at the Hub will be of no charge to the client: 

  • Medicare ineligible clients will receive free service
  • Medicare eligible clients will be bulk billed (clients will need to present their Medicare card)

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Our services

Nurse-led Primary Care Clinic

The Hub offers a nurse-led clinic. There is a nurse available every day to provide care and support. The nurses undertake a refugee health assessment with all clients and offer ongoing care, referrals and support. The following services are also provided:

  • General Practitioners (GP) - Doctors: There are GPs available at the Hub. They donate their time and expertise to provide refugee health assessments and ongoing medical care.
  • Immunisation: Free immunisations are available to all clients.
  • Pathology: Blood tests are taken at the Hub by our nurses and pathology is provided by St Vincent’s Hospital.
  • Medical imaging: Ultrasound, x-ray and other radiology services are provided by St Vincent’s Hospital.
  • Pharmacy: The Hub works with Brunswick Pharmacy to assist eligible clients with their medications. This needs to be arranged by our nurses.

Specialist Mental Health Service

The Hub’s specialist mental health service provides multi-disciplinary care for clients with mental health needs, including triage, psychiatric assessment and management, therapeutic intervention, counselling, referrals and ongoing support. This includes the following services:

  • Psychiatry: Psychiatry consultants and registrars run clinics each week at the Hub. To use this service you must be referred by a GP.
  • Counselling: Psychologists and mental health clinicians are available to provide ongoing therapeutic intervention.
  • Care Coordination: referral, ongoing support and mental health care coordination is provided by our mental health clinicians as necessary.
  • Secondary Consultation: secondary consultation to mental health clinicians, general practitioners and other health professionals working with people seeking asylum (click here for more information).

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