Cabrini Outreach PNG Orthopaedic Service and Education Program

Cabrini Outreach has been supporting an annual visit by a team of orthopaedic medical professionals to Madang, Papua New Guinea since 2000. 

The most recent visit took place in October, with a team of four medical professionals from Cabrini visiting Modilon General Hospital in Papua New Guinea to assist with surgery and medical training.

The program is designed to strengthen and support healthcare in Papua New Guinea, drawing on Cabrini’s health resources to assist Papua New Guinea in meeting the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Many of the patients walk vast distances to get to the clinic to be assessed. Patients have issues such as extra thumbs, fingers, toes, elongated limbs, tumours and infections, scoliosis, scabies, fungal infections, club feet and mal-united fractures.

Operating conditions are challenging and post-operative care calls for ingenuity, as some equipment must be constructed from whatever materials are available.

The team all volunteer their time and surgery takes place at no charge to the patients. Cabrini Outreach supports the team by covering their travel expenses and supplies.

Cabrini’s involvement came about through the engagement of orthopaedic surgeon Mr John Griffiths, who first led the visit to Papua New Guinea in 2000. Since then, Cabrini has broadened its involvement to include provision of a pro bono pathology service and assisting in the development of a new surgical theatre suite at Modilon General Hospital.

Cabrini Outreach has been partnering with Modilon General Hospital since 2007 and has provided more than $772,000 in financial support to the hospital during this time.

The 2018 medical team included:
  • Adrian Trivett - Orthopaedic Surgeon (Team Leader)
  • Richard Dallalana – Orthopaedic surgeon
  • Kiri Thompson – Theatre/ Recovery Nurse
  • Vanessa Andean – Anaesthetist
Other forms of support provided by Cabrini to Modilon General Hospital are:
  • Cabrini trained the current orthopaedic surgeon at Modilon General Hospital, who is now lecturing at Divine Word University.
  • Histopathology agreement where samples are sent to Cabrini pathology department for testing and analysis
  • Education and training on theatre set up and sterilisation in the newly commissioned operating theatres
  • Cabrini architects provided the technical drafts for the new theatres which became a blueprint for the country
  • John Griffiths Research Travel scholarship,established 2018, which enables a staff member from Modilon General Hospital to present at Cabrini Research Week.
  • Two staff members from Modilon General Hospital attended the International Health Meeting in Melbourne, hosted by Cabrini. 
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John Griffiths

Vanessa Andean 

Richard Dallalana