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Papua New Guinea

Country profiles
  Papua New Guinea Australia
Population  8,535,486 24,126,000
Average life expectancy at birth (male/female)

64/68 years

Urban population 


GDP per capita   2,555 USD 53,799 USD
Health spending (% of GDP) 4.9% 9.4%
Human Development Index


Education expenditure (% of GDP) 



What are we doing

Drawing on the specialist skills of Australian-based health services to assist Papua New Guinea in meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 

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Our goal

To strengthen and enable better healthcare in Australia’s nearest neighbouring country.


Modilon General Hospital, Madang

Since 2007, we have partnered with Modilon General Hospital, a government provincial hospital in Madang Province.  Modilon Hospital is a 270-bed facility that sees 250 outpatients a day and 10-20 people in the emergency department.  To date, we have invested more than $772,000.

The health status in Papua New Guinea sees people suffer from a wide range of health issues, many requiring specialist knowledge and/or surgery. In Madang and its surrounding areas specifically, there is an even greater need, due to the underprivileged status of the community.

Catholic Church Health Services, Papua New Guinea

PNG continues to be gripped by communicable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, diarrheal and acute respiratory disease, with these being the major causes of sickness and death. In an attempt to try and address the lack of healthcare and suffering, we partner with Catholic Church Health Services. We aim to support a rural health centre in Malala village in Madang province which serves more than 20,000 people who would otherwise have very low access to healthcare facilities.

Current Projects

Pathology Service

Since 2014, we have provided a pro-bono pathology service. Specimens are couriered to Melbourne for testing and the results are reported within 13 days. This is a vast improvement on the turnaround previously experienced through the in-country service (approximately six months to two years). More than 270 tests were performed in the previous financial year, representing a 62 percent increase.

Service and Education Program- Orthopaedics

This program supports service and education at Modilon General Hospital, with orthopaedics as a specialty.  The program improves health service access of orthopaedic services to the population through visiting Cabrini specialists performing orthopaedic surgery. The population receive required treatment while local staff further their understanding of orthopaedic specialist skills, improving available surgery and treatment in Madang.  This improves the confidence so they are better equipped when these situations arise.

Primary Health Care

In Malala, with Catholic Church Health Services, we prioritise maternal and child health, increased immunisation coverage for preventable diseases such as measles and polio, and the prevention of tropical and neglected diseases such as malaria. Our collective support will provide essential medicines to the sick, strengthen emergency referrals to the provincial hospital, and make medical equipment such as a vaccine fridge or a steriliser available to help in treating patients.