Cabrini Immigrant Services, New York City

Cabrini Immigrant Services opened their doors to New York City in 1999, and since then have been a leading organization helping the newest Americans realize their dreams. Their goal is to provide vital services to their clients with excellence, and to advocate for changes in policies that will help the immigrant population as they continue to closely watch and respond to the shifts in America’s government policies.

Their Mission

To provide essential services to immigrants in the spirit of the Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, Patroness of Immigrants. CIS-NYC works with the immigrant community all over New York City, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or immigration status. They are committed to empowering immigrants, their families and their communities through education, access to essential services, civic participation, and community building. They strive to work together with the immigrant community to create a more inclusive society by fostering justice, dignity, and respect.

Services include:

  • Immigration Legal Services
  • Basic Case Management and Support (healthcare, housing, education, employment, financial resources, and public benefits)
  • Food Pantry
  • Immigrant Family Programs
  • Community and Adult Education
  • Short-term Counselling Services

How is Cabrini Outreach involved?

Cabrini Outreach continues to provide financial support for Cabrini Immigrant Service, New York, since the partnership commenced in 2015. Through our partnership, we aim to assist CIS-NYC in achieving their overall objective of improving health, mental health and wellbeing of low-income immigrant families in New York City. We hope that they may fulfil their purpose of helping these vulnerable low-income families gain access to immigration legal remedies, receive linguistically aware and culturally competent support, and experience a greater sense of integration and safety as is embedded within the spirit of Mother Cabrini.

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