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Place-based disadvantage

Place-based disadvantage refers to the inequities across society, whereby locational disadvantages are persistent and entrenched in certain places.  Where a cycle of social disadvantage is perpetuated, preventing life opportunities and full participation in society.  This cycle causes ill health, disabilities, lack of education and skills while being subjected to inequitable treatment or discrimination in a variety of forms.  This cycle reoccurs through generations in these specific places.  Cabrini Outreach commits itself to places in Victoria suffering disadvantage.

City of Stonnington


JoCare is a volunteer-based community service sponsored by St Joseph’s Catholic Parish in Malvern and Cabrini Outreach. The JoCare vision is to improve neighbourhood connectedness and to reduce the isolation of members of the Stonnington community in Melbourne. It involves volunteers providing non-professional acts of service for people living independently in the area experiencing social isolation.

Cabrini Outreach provides grants enabling JoCare to remain a free service and leverages Cabrini's resources to support the development of the program. Referrals can be received from family members or friends, other service providers or from the people themselves.

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Northern Suburbs 

Project in North

The northern corridor of metropolitan Melbourne contains areas that demonstrate entrenched inter-generational disadvantage, and research confirms that the corridor is growing rapidly with high levels of cultural diversity.

Isolated and organisation-focused responses to solving inter-generational disadvantage in vulnerable communities have been shown to have limited impact, are not user friendly and do not reflect the needs or wants of the local community.

Using a community co-designed approach with the collaboration of three Catholic service arms (Cabrini Outreach, CatholicCare and Catholic Education Melbourne), together we can achieve a holistic, sustainable and user-centric solution that is inspired by collective impact models of place-based school hubs, which integrate and provide support across health, social services and education sectors in a school environment- which is often the first point of contact for families struggling with a range of social issues.  The aim is to develop a more significant health and social service footprints in the northern suburbs.