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Mental health support to Regional Victoria for asylum seekers and other temporary visa holders

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services is supporting Cabrini Outreach to respond to the mental health needs of people seeking asylum and other temporary visa holders in the Greater Shepparton and Mildura Regions.

This support is delivered via Telehealth through the Cabrini Outreach Asylum Seeker and Refugee Health Hub in Brunswick, North Melbourne.


Services are available to people seeking asylum, Temporary Protection Visa (TPV), Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV), other temporary visa holders* and people who are undocumented (have no visa).


Services are free for people without Medicare, and bulk billed for people with Medicare. All services are of no cost to the client.

Referral form

To refer, download our referral form below:

Download our referral form

and email to or fax to (03) 9380 8760.

If you need access to this service yourself, call (03) 8388 7874.

*not available to people on tourist or international student visas

Our Services

Specialist Counselling and Care Coordination

Our team of mental health clinicians provide tailored therapeutic intervention. They can also assist with care coordination to ensure that all services are working together to provide the best support possible, and information and referrals to connect people with the help they need.


Psychiatry clinics run each week at the Hub, and this service will be expanded via Telehealth to provide care to eligible people in the Greater Shepparton and Mildura regions. One-off consultations, medication reviews and ongoing management are available as needed.

Secondary consultation

We are able to provide secondary consultation to mental health clinicians, general practitioners and other professionals working with people seeking asylum.

Secondary Consultation